Yoni Egg Sterilizing Cup

Yoni Egg Sterilizing Cup

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Looking for a way to sterilize your yoni eggs or menstrual cup? Look no further we have this awesome reusable sterilizing cup available in 3 colors. This cup is made by our friends in South Korea from medical grade silicone. This cup also features a small handle which makes use easier. 


1) Unfold your sterilizing cup and fill it with water. (Keep the lid off for the next part)

2) Place in the microwave for 1 minute depending on the strength of your microwave, this will heat up the water to at least 212 degrees which is the temperature needed to sterilize. 

3) Insert your yoni egg or menstrual cup into the cup for 10 minutes 

4) Empty out the water in your cup and touch your yoni egg or menstrual cup, if your egg or cup is hot to the touch DO NOT USE IMMEDIATELY AFTER!

*Please note, crystals and silicone are conductors of heat, if you place a hot yoni egg inside of your body this will cause harm. Please wait 15-20 minutes before use, depending on crystal material.

Many individuals currently are boiling their yoni eggs in a pot over the stove, the issue with this is the constant high heat may cause damage to your crystal. This is why our sterilizing cup is a great solution. You will be able to have the water reach temperatures hot enough to sterilize, but the temperature will slowly be decreasing so your product will not be subjected to constant high temps. This is also nice to have a special device for cleaning your products instead of using household items. 

With Hot Soap & Water: Before and after use it is important to clean your yoni egg. This can be done by placing your gemstone into a bowl of hot soapy water. You can use any natural soap. Gently agitate within the water for a few seconds and leave your Yoni Egg to soak for up to five minutes. Rinse clean with warm water and allow to air dry or gently wipe with a dry cloth. 

Boiling: DO NOT BOIL YOUR YONI EGGS! Different crystal types will react differently to extreme heat, if you boil your yoni eggs on the stove you risk causing them to crack, fade and become unsafe for you to continue to use. 



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