Undrilled Yoni Eggs - Clear Quartz
Undrilled Yoni Eggs - Clear Quartz
Undrilled Yoni Eggs - Clear Quartz
Undrilled Yoni Eggs - Clear Quartz

Undrilled Yoni Eggs - Clear Quartz

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Clear Quartz is the birthstone for April and is associated with the Sun as well as every zodiac sign. It also represents all of the elements and the vibration of the number 4. This crystal is associated with the crown chakra, and it represents the clear color or white, or if you prefer, anything colorless.

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer, and it amplifies the energies given off by other crystals. It helps release negative energy and radiates positive energies. Its calming vibrations creates balance within the body, mind, and soul. Clear Quartz acts as beacons of light and energy for highly spiritual people. By enhancing your awareness and improving your perceptions, clear quartz will dispel feelings you may be harboring of negativity while encouraging positive thoughts, feelings and energy

These small yet powerful eggs are said to cause emotional, physical and spiritual transformation and healing. Think of yoni eggs as an alternative to the common pelvic muscle exercise. Using yoni eggs can help to strengthen your yoni muscles, decreased incontinence, toning post-childbirth and last but not least.... increased personal awareness.

Material: Clear Quartz
Sizes: (S) 1.18 x 0.78in (M) 1.57 x 0.98in (L) 1.77 x 1.18in 
Weight: 95-105g

Astrological Sign: Taurus
Chakra: Crown and Heart, also works well with all chakras

  • Large: Beginners
  • Medium: Intermediate 
  • Small: Advanced Users

You start with the large and work your way down to the small. This is because the smaller eggs require more dexterity to work with. 

**Please choose from the drop-down menu which size you would like:

  1. Small Yoni Egg
  2. Medium Yoni Egg
  3. Large Yoni Egg
  4. Set of 3