KN95 Masks (5 Pieces)
KN95 Masks (5 Pieces)
KN95 Masks (5 Pieces)

KN95 Masks (5 Pieces)

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These masks are designed for function and comfort. With their lightweight 5 layer design, elastic ear straps, and adjustable nose clip they form a secure seal for maximum protection*. KN95 masks can filter out 95% of particulate matter to protect you against airborne particles and work as a physical barrier to contaminants. They can help to prevent the spread of disease by way of germ-containing splatters, blocking particulate matter and preventing you from touching your face.

These masks can be used reused a few times before disposing of them.

Size: 6 inches x 8.5 inches 

*Please note: These are NOT N95 respirators which are what Doctors and Nurses use, in order for a mask to be considered a N95 respirator it has to have a full face seal. While these are form fitting to your mouth and nose and do form a seal they do not form a suction seal.