White Sage, Crystals and Meditation

White sage is a plant with white/green colored leaves and is predominantly grown in California. For many years, Sage has had spiritually sacred recognition for its purifying, protecting and cleansing properties. In history it is said that Native Americans used sage as a way to ward off bad energy and spirits. It is also said that sage is used ceremoniously to seek blessings, cleansing and protection.

How to use sage for protection or cleansing?

My preferred method of using sage as protection and cleansing is by burning it. This is called smudging. A smudge stick is a bundle of white sage shoots and leaves bound together using a cotton string or twine tightly. The person performing the smudging will light the smudging stick on fire and waft the smoke into the space that is being smudged. What gives the cleansing and protecting effect is the smoke that is produced from the plant while it is burning. The smoke enters the space and the objects in the space and sends a positive energy, warding off any negativity and leaving behind a fresh and clean air in the room. It is said that white sage smoke has a spirit that carries away the negative energy and releases it into the universe to recycle back in a positive light.

White sage can also help you let go of any negative thoughts that are ailing you. When using this on any person, please be sensitive to what they are comfortable with and respect their limits.  

How to properly meditate using sage and/or crystals:

It is often said to meditate using sage and crystals but is seldom explained how to actually meditate. While there are many variations of the idea of what it means to meditate, here is a suggested way to start meditating for beginners using sage smudging sticks.

First, pick a safe and quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts. Next choose the crystals that you are going to use if any and set your intentions for this meditation session. After this, light your sage and when you see a flame, carefully and softly blow the flame out so that the sage is still smoking. While the sage is smoking and cleansing the space think about your intentions for a moment and then finish up with a few minutes of concentration on your breathing. It is important to breathe deeply, concentrate and welcome the positive energy from the universe into your heart and mind.

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