Rose Quartz Crystals - 5 Ways To Use Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is light pink in color and is a crystal that emits energies of love. Love for oneself, love for others and love for nature. Rose Quartz is also known to help get rid of feelings of resentment and disappointment and aid the mind in practicing forgiveness as well as many other uses. This gentle giant is soft in color but mighty in energy. Rose Quarts can help the user to find themselves more attractive thus putting that energy into the universe for others to feel about them as well. Here are the 5 most popular ways that people are utilizing Rose Quartz in their everyday lives.

rose quartz yoni egg and raw rose quartz crystal in triangle

1: Using Rose Quartz to draw body positive and self-loving energy into your life by creating a personal love alter with your Rose Quartz crystal and your favorite white sage bundle for smudging. Perform a spiritual ritual by smudging the sage and meditating about the love that you desire. If it is love that you desire to have for yourself- focus on all the positive qualities that you dream to have and all the positive qualities that encompass you. Let the sage smoke carry away any negativity that you feel toward yourself. Accept your new way of thinking and the positive energy being brought back to you from the universe; filling your space with love and acceptance. Repeat this self-love ritual as often as necessary. 

women holding rose quartz yoni egg between her legs

2: Using Rose Quartz to draw a Romantic interest closer to you. Do you have a strong interest in taking your relationship to the next level and you want to assure that your partner feels the same way too? When you are with your partner, keeping rose quartz in your pocket can be a very strong aphrodisiac as it is known to stimulate the imagination. Take Rose Quartz along with you on a date, or anytime you are near your special person and feel the energy that draws you closer.

women holding rose quartz yoni egg in the sunset

3: Rose Quarts is the perfect gemstone to help the body show empathy and accept change in our life, career, relationships and friendships that we cannot prevent. When feeling uneasy about a recent change, wearing a necklace with rose quartz and keeping this gem close to your heart can really help to open the heart chakra and remind yourself that it is important to take care of and love yourself first throughout any circumstance that life may throw your way. This will allow you to make decisions that you can be sure about in the event of an unexpected or high stress situation.

4: Rose Quartz in a roller form for your facial area has become most popular as of recent. Utilizing this crystal in a roller form is known to help improve your skin tone and retain elasticity, promote lymphatic drainage and relax the skin to reduce inflammation. Using this in your everyday skin care routine will promote an all around more healthy, glowing look. When we look beautiful, we feel beautiful, we are beautiful.

5: It is common to see women using Rose Quartz for fertility, and during pregnancy. Rose Quartz is known to release protective energies during pregnancy and during the act of childbirth. Many mothers or expectant mothers carry this stone with them on their prenatal and birth journey as a constant reminder to love themselves as they go through the journey of motherhood. Rose quartz can also help at this time with easing the periods of change that a woman’s body endures during pregnancy and birth. Keep a Rose Quartz on the nightstand at home to aid in sleeping when pregnancy often leaves you awake at night and to remind you to love yourself always during this magical time.

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