Yoni Steam - Natural Yoni Herbs
Yoni Steam - Natural Yoni Herbs
Yoni Steam - Natural Yoni Herbs

Yoni Steam - Natural Yoni Herbs

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Say HELLO to our newest addition to the Chakrava collection.... The Yoni Steam! Yoni steams are the ultimate at home luxury self-care practice that you can add to your routine. So, you may be asking, what is a yoni steam? A yoni steam is the practice of using natural herbs that are placed in boiling water, as the herbs are boiled, they emit their oils into the steam which as you guessed it, goes into and on your yoni. This practice has been enjoyed by many for years. But here at Chakrava we wanted to take V-Steaming to the next level and incorporate crystals and your chakras, because honestly what better time do you have to meditate and manifest your intentions then when you are already indulging in self-care.

Each of our Yoni Steams will come with a polished crystal hand stone that corresponds to one of your seven chakras. While you are relaxing enjoying your yoni steam you will also be holding your crystal in your hand and speaking to existence what you want for your future outcomes. Each package will have enough yoni herbs for 4-5 steams.


Motherwort - Traditionally used as an anti-spasmodic muscle relaxant, this can help to relieve your cramps and decrease blood clotting.

Mug wort - This is used to help relax your uterus, can help to stimulate your late cycle, and restore a natural cycle.

Rosemary - Used to help ease and sooth anxiety when inhaled aromatically. Rosemary is also great to help reduce muscle pain.

Lemon Balm - Helps to relax your uterus, decreasing menstrual cramps and uterus spasms.

Rose Petals - Used to calm your nerves, ease your tension, has amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Medication Precautions: Do Not Use a Yoni Steam if You Are Pregnant! 


Step 1) Grab a pot and start to boil your water. Depending on what method of yoni steaming you will do this will determine how much water you need. For example, if you are going to use a large bowl and place it in your toilet then make sure you have enough water to fill the bowl 3/4 the way with water. If you are going to be using the 'squat method' and will be using a 2–4-gallon pot, then make sure it is filled halfway with boiling water. 

Step 2) Transfer your boiling water from the pot to the bowl or pot that you will be using for your steam. 

Step 3) Open your package and measure out 1/4 cup of your Yoni Steam Herbs. Place the herbs into the boiling water, stir around for 30 seconds. 

Step 4) Next you will either squat over the pot or sit on the toilet with the bowl of steaming herbs below you. You are going to want to 'trap' the steam so it is best to wear a large skirt or dress in which will touch the floor in length. 

Step 5) Length of time per steam is a personal choice but we recommend 20-30 minutes. Also, it is important that there is distance between your yoni and the steam, you do not want to be directly on the main source of the steam as this could cause discomfort or burns (remember your yoni has very delicate skin). 

Step 6) Now that your yoni steam is done you can discard the herbs outside of your home in nature or as you see fit.

When To Steam:

We find it to be beneficial to steam before and after your monthly cycle. This is a personal choice, and some choose to steam once a week as they incorporate it into their weekly self-care routine. 


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Danielle S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great customer service

They accidentally sent me ones without the streams, which I needed the stream. So they were very pleasant and sent out a new order with the screens plus an extra Tigers eye. I love my yoni beads!