Fertility Flower Yoni Egg Kit - Chakra Va
Fertility Flower Yoni Egg Kit - Chakra Va
Fertility Flower Yoni Egg Kit - Chakra Va
Fertility Flower Yoni Egg Kit - Chakra Va

Fertility Flower Yoni Egg Kit

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Are you looking to start your journey into motherhood, look no further we have put together this Fertility Flower kit just for you? Use this kit as a means of increasing your libido and relaxing your nerves to be able to have a clear manifestation of motherhood. Unakite will assist in healing from past traumas and having your body remember a state of perfect health. This is the foundation of fertility. Rose quartz teaches you to love yourself as well as others, these are the building blocks to motherhood. Green Aventurine will help to stabilize your emotions which can feel like a roller coaster ride during this journey.

*Please note, this is a spiritual kit meant to help with manifestations, this is not to substitute professional medical advice, or meant to be a treatment for infertility. Always consult with your physician regarding issues of fertility. 

In this kit you will receive (1) Unakite (1) Green Aventurine (1) Rose Quartz

Unakite- This crystal will lend a repairing energy and is helpful in past life healing by going to the source of the problem and reframing it. These positive energies such as love & compassion for us can be manifested by working with Unakite. Many individuals also choose to wear unakite during delivery to help keep you calm and centered in your heart.

Rose Quartz - This crystal works with your heart chakra to help unblock negative energies and open your heart up to love, whether its self-love, family love, friendship love, love for humanity or romantic love. When working with Rose Quartz you will feel a flush of happiness, peace, compassion and forgiveness. This will assist you with taking a hold and releasing toxic emotions and negative thoughts. This will also help to increase your libido as you are full of love.

Green Aventurine - This crystal is known as the stone of opportunity and is excellent for manifesting prosperity, this is done by maintaining your energy levels and optimism. This will be needed as sometimes the process of entering into motherhood can feel overwhelming, so it is important to maintain a balanced harmony within your heart chakra. 

Size: 45x30mm, 40*25mm, 30*20mm
Weight: 95-105g

*Styles and sizes will be chosen based upon availability. If you have a specific request, please email us at within 24 hours of purchase.