GIA Certificates

GIA Certificates For

All of Chakra Va's products have been tested and certified by the Gemology Institute of America (GIA), the world’s leading authority for gemological analysis. This means that you can assure the products you are buying are authentic, untreated and not dyed. This is important because many companies are realizing the crystal industry is becoming popular and they are selling fake, low quality products. An example of this would be imitation jade or injecting color dyes into stones to pass them off as other crystals / gemstones. This is why it is important to purchase your precious yoni eggs and yoni products from a company that is committed to transparency in what you are purchasing. Below you can see the certificates we have for the various materials we sell. All of our crystal products are manufactured from the same supplier so we can ensure quality and consistency. Please help us encourage other companies to be transparent about their certifications, many claim to have certifications but #SHOWUSYOURCERTS

**Please note, the name on the certificates is our company LLC not our trade name


So How Do Products Become GIA Certified?

We submit our products to the Carlsbad GIA location since we are based in SoCal. The lab has its team of experts conduct tests on the products to verify their authenticity, test for treatments to the products and also test for dyes. When buying from us we promise you will receive products that have not been dyed, that are authentic and untreated.