Yoni Egg Exercises

So your ready to start your yoni egg journey, and you may be wondering what exercises you can do with your yoni egg? Look no further, we have put together this list of yoni egg exercises for you. First you need to purchase a yoni egg, here at Chakrava we have a large selection of GIA Certified yoni eggs for you to choose from. SHOP NOW

women holding rose quartz yoni egg


A yoni egg is worn internally and used to help enhance your kegel exercises by adding slight weight. You may be wondering what is a kegel and how do I perform this? A kegel, which is named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the exercise, is the name of a pelvic floor exercise. Your pelvic muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and are used to hold your pelvic organs. To isolate these muscles contract and release as if you were trying to stop and start your flow of urine when you use the restroom. Do perform kegels with your yoni egg in first you insert your yoni egg, then you contract your pelvic muscles around the egg. This clenching feeling will be similar to the contracting you feel when you are trying to hold yourself back from peeing.

1) Clench your egg for 10 seconds

2) Release for 10 seconds.

This is what we consider '1 rep' we suggest to do 10 reps, relax for a few minutes in a meditative state then doing another 10 reps. It is important to pay close attention to your muscles, if you feel them becoming sore then remove your yoni egg and relax. This means you have overworked your muscles, not to worry just remember this is a journey not a race.

We recommend using the yoni egg for a maximum of 25 minutes at a time during kegel sessions. This is because if you leave the weighted yoni egg inside of your vagina for too long (for example some companies and websites suggest leaving your eggs in for hours at a time, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST THIS) you may experience pain or discomfort. This practice is meant to slowly build up your muscles, rome wasn't build in a day and neither were killer strong vagina muscles. 

yoni yoga

Yoni Yoga: 

You may be wondering, what is Yoni Yoga? The answer is simple, it is your traditional yoga session with the added benefit of wearing your yoni egg. Why is this even a thing? Using a yoni egg is a very personal and spiritual practice, similar to yoga. If you are a spiritual believer in the healing powers of crystals you will know that different crystals give off different vibrations and help with different manifestations. You may have just recently experienced heart break from a break up or argument with a loved one, rose quartz would be the perfect crystal to help overcome this situation. You could insert your rose quartz yoni egg and manifest loving positive vibrations as you pay close attention to your breathing and your yoni. It makes you hyper focused on yourself and self care.   

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