Top 5 Crystals To Protect You Against Negativity

Negative energy is no joke. Not only will it affect your state of mind no matter how positive it is, but it can have a negative impact on your success, your overall health, your relationships, and your life if you are consistently exposed to it. You also can feel it as well as it is dark and dense energy that immediately lowers your mood. Negativity can come from various sources such as being exposed to arguments, having a bad experience with something or someone, getting disappointing news, or illness.

That also means that you can easily find yourself in a situation that can expose you to negative energy on a daily basis. This is why you will want to make sure that you keep certain crystals around you that can help protect you from negativity which will be discussed now: 

  • Black Obsidian - The Black Obsidian is one of the well-known healing stones that originate from volcanic rock which is a combination of fire, water, and earth. This stone features edges that are sharp which can cut through anything that is negative such as lies, habits that are destructive, bad relationships, and obstacles. This stone has been used for the longest time for protection from curses and ill fortunes and is a great one for empaths to carry around to stay protected.
  • Amethyst - This stone serves many purposes and it is a great one to have when it comes to keeping yourself protected from negative energy. The energies that it vibrates is extremely high and will keep you shielded from any type of negativity as well as psychic attacks. It has been known to transform negative energy into positive energy, and many people take the Amethyst with them while traveling so that they are protected from pickpocketers.
  • Tigers Eye - This tone is known to help bring out the confidence in people but it has protective properties as well. It helps you stay shielded from those who are purposely trying to hurt your chances of success, as well as those who are trying to hurt your reputation. It is a great stone to keep your mindset positive as well which helps shield it from negative thoughts. 
  • Lapis Lazuli - This stone not only helps you speak your mind but it provides you with the protection you need from any negativity that can get into the way of you doing just that. It protects you from any type of psychic attack that will keep you from living and speaking your truth.
  • Clear Quartz - The Clear Quartz is a powerful stone for protection and while it is protecting you from negative energy, it will significantly amplify your aura which will help you attract positive things and open up your intuition. 

Now you know of the stones to keep with you in order to help ward off negative energy which can be quite damaging. You deserve to be happy, healthy, and whole. The only way you can be all that is by avoiding negativity by staying protected from it.