How To Do Kegels Exercises With My Yoni Egg

Okay great you inserted your yoni egg and now your ready to hit the ground running (don't really get up and go running) Next step is to sit up slowly, then stand up.

Now you will begin your kegel exercises. This is done by contracting your pelvic muscles around your egg. This clenching feeling will be similar to the contracting you feel when you are trying to hold yourself back from peeing.

1) Clench your egg for 10 seconds

2) Release for 10 seconds.

This will be considered one rep. We suggest doing 10 reps then relaxing for a few minutes then doing another 10 reps. We recommend using the yoni egg for a maximum of 25 minutes at a time during kegel sessions. This is because if you leave the weighted yoni egg inside of your vagina for too long (for example some companies and websites suggest leaving your eggs in for hours at a time, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST THIS) you may experience pain or discomfort. This practice is meant to slowly build up your muscles, rome wasn't build in a day and neither were killer strong vagina muscles. 

Kegel exercises are great and they have been shown to enhance orgasm, rebuild pelvic strength post-partum. 

You can also enjoy a mediation session or a yoni yoga session with your yoni egg inserted. We recommend up to an hours wear time for these events. 

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