How To Balance Your Chakras

It is easy for chakras, your 7 energy centers to be blocked due to many situations that occur such as illness, having a negative encounter with someone or something, a bad experience, disappointment, and thinking consistent negative thoughts. You are meant to be well, confident, happy, intuitive, and you are meant to be energetic. However, when you are not functioning at your best such as being lethargic, depressed, anxious, constantly angry, in physical pain, confused, and not confident, and generally unwell - then that is a sign that your chakras are blocked.  

The good news is that your chakras can be unblocked which will allow the energy within your body to move freely again so you can go back to feeling like your healthy self. Let's go over effective methods on how to remove blockages in energy centers:

Exercise And Yoga

In order to help remove blockages in your chakra system, you will want to get yourself moving which will help keep the energy moving within you as well. This means you can do this by taking a brisk walk on a daily basis, doing yoga, as well as doing Tai Chi. In fact, Tai Chi and yoga are excellent exercises that will help get stagnant energy moving again and will help your body release it. You could also add in a session of Yoni Yoga to utilize your yoni egg.


When you are stressed, the best thing to do in order to clear your mind is to meditate for at least 15 minutes a day. Ideally, you should meditate for an hour a day but when you are starting out, 15 minutes will suffice. Meditation will help remove emotional as well as mental blocks which can help the energy begin to move within you again.

Clean Eating

You will want to junk the processed food and stick to organic and pure foods that will nourish your body and keep you healthy. Processed food is full of chemicals that will cause toxins to build up in your body. And these toxins will only clog up your energy centers. Eating clean will help you detox and clear your chakras.


Reiki or energy healing is a great method to help remove blockages in chakras. A Reiki Master can do this by placing their hands several inches from your body and they can remotely move your energy around to get the flow going again.


This alternative form of medicine which is gaining a lot of popularity in the western world is characterized by the use of needles to be placed in energy centers to help get the flow going again. It releases the blocked areas which allow the energy to flow through the body and create a much-needed balance.

Crystal Therapy

During chakra healing sessions, crystal therapy is used in order to help remove the blockages from the individual chakras. However, the right crystals can only be used. For the Root Chakra, the Red Jasper is the corresponding gem to balance it. For the sacral chakra, the Orange Aventurine is the associated one. For the solar plexus, it's the Tiger's Eye. For the heart chakra, it's the Rose Quartz. For the throat chakra, it's the blue lace agate. For the third eye chakra, it's the Lapis Lazuli. And finally, for the crown chakra, it is either the Clear quartz or the Amethyst for healing it.  

When you are healing your chakras, you will want to combine most or all of these recommended therapies so you can get your energy restored quickly - and get back to having excellent spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health