Menstrual Cups & Money.... They Will Save You A Ton!

Why A Menstrual Cup Will Save You Big Money

The cost of tampons, pads, menstrual cups and other period care products make us roll our eyes with exasperation. At $2.53 billion USD every year, periods are big business. The average woman spends hundreds of dollars every year on superseding the free flow of her period with cotton or plastic or her method of choice. Yes, every commercially-sold product has a retail markup. But tampons, pads and menstrual cups are subject to something much more frustrating.

Here’s how it works. Most states impose a sales tax on “tangible personal property,” with exemptions for “necessities” deemed non-luxury items, i.e. groceries, medical purchases. But thanks to lawmakers (mostly male), period products are considered a “luxury item.” It could be argued that an individual purchasing products that prevent her from bleeding all over the place isn’t just a luxury, it’s a gosh darn public service. But in all but five states, the tax remains.

How much do period care products cost?

It adds up. If we estimate a woman uses a box of tampons and a box of pads every period, that’s $120 per year.

And if the average woman menstruates for about 40 years of her life, that number goes to $4,800.

Depending on your economic status, that number is way too big. What could have gone into maintaining a household, college tuition, a car, or the best vacation of your life gets flushed down the drain in pieces of bloody cotton (that’s a metaphor! Tampons are supposed to be thrown away, not flushed!)

And in countries with less access to period resources, the problem gets worse. In Kenya, a pack of pads sells for around $1. The average daily take-home pay for unskilled labor barely covers that, at $1.50 / day. The economic difficulty in accessing safe period products grows exponentially as GDP decreases. Women and girls who can’t afford tampons and pads miss school and work, an additional cost. Expensive pads and tampons aren’t just an inconvenience for many women--they’re a factor in societal inequality.

Is there another way??

Switch to reusable. Unlike single-use tampons and pads, which last mere hours before hitting the trash, one simple, hygienic, reusable silicone menstrual cup will last you an entire year. The menstrual cup manufacturers aim to change the numbers. Rather than spending money on flashy ads that encourage individuals to buy disposable products, we believe in a one-time purchase that saves money in the long run. How much money? If we use our $120 per year model, a $30 menstrual cup can save anywhere between $900 and $1170 over the course of a decade.

And here at Just Go With Your Flow we take it a step further by offering you a set of TWO menstrual cups for $19.99 or other combo options, still decreasing the cost from retail menstrual cups in half.

That’s mind-boggling. But we hope it’s also inspiring. Ditching the expensive trips to pharmacist every month and switching to a purchase that lasts at least a year can save you lots of money. Just like your freedom to choose and access safe, affordable period products, how you decide to spend the extra cash should be absolutely up to you!