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Yoni Eggs - Rose Quartz - Chakra Va
Yoni Eggs - Rose Quartz - Chakra Va
Yoni Eggs - Rose Quartz - Chakra Va
Yoni Eggs - Rose Quartz - Chakra Va
Yoni Eggs - Rose Quartz - Chakra Va
Yoni Eggs - Rose Quartz - Chakra Va
Yoni Eggs - Rose Quartz - Chakra Va

Yoni Eggs - Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is the most popular yoni egg we carry, this is due to its high energy, yet relaxing calming vibe. This is a perfect yoni egg to start your journey of self love and self care. This comes as no surprise since it's soft pink hues practically scream divine femininity and sensuality. It's an inviting stone that resonates strongly with the sacral and heart chakra. Emotional/Spiritual Benefits: This is the stone of love and relationships. If you need more love, want to be more loving, or want to bring more love into a relationship-this is the stone for you.

GIA Certified To Ensure Quality & Authenticity 

Material: GIA Certified Rose Quartz
Size: 45x30mm, 40*25mm, 30*20mm
Weight: 95-105g

*Drilled Yoni Eggs Will Be Shipped With String <3 

Use For Yoni Wands: Yoni wands are used to help release tension by massaging your erogenous zones, they can be used for meditation, manifestations, healing or massage.

Directions For Yoni Eggs: Insert into your yoni and use your pelvic muscles to do 'kegel reps'. Yoni eggs add an added benefits to traditional kegel exercises by adding weight to help strengthen your muscles quicker. You can also use yoni eggs for meditation, yoni yoga or vaginal weight lifting. We recommend wearing your yoni eggs for up to an hour at a time. 

Drilled Vs Undrilled: The choice between drilled and undrilled eggs is a personal choice. We suggest if you are just starting out your yoni egg journey to start with a drilled yoni egg, this is because drilled yoni eggs have a hole drilled through the top of them for a string. This string helps to assist with the removal of your yoni egg. If you have an undrilled yoni egg you will use your pelvic muscles to clench down and help push your yoni egg down the vaginal canal and out of the vagina. Sometimes, it may be necessary to insert a finger to help with the removal of your egg. *Please note, that since yoni eggs are all natural products when the hole is drilled through the top it may cause small chips around the hole area, if this is something you do not think you would want then we suggest going with our undrilled yoni eggs as the crystal has not been interrupted. 

Size Guide: If you are just starting out your yoni egg journey we suggest starting with the large egg, you would think that since its the biggest and heaviest you would work your way up to that from the small.... but you see the large egg works the overall core pelvic muscles, once you strength those muscles you can work your way down to the small egg, as this uses more specific targeted muscles to work with.

Cleaning & Sanitizing: 

With Soap & Water: Before and after use it is important to clean your yoni egg. This can be done by placing your gemstone into a bowl of hot soapy water. You can use any natural soap. Gently agitate within the water for a few seconds and leave your Yoni Egg to soak for up to five minutes. Rinse clean with warm water and allow to air dry or gently wipe with a dry cloth. 

Boiling: We suggest that you bring water to a boil in a pot, remove the pot from the flame or burner and then insert your yoni eggs into the water. Leave your yoni eggs in the water for 5-10 minutes. Do not ever leave your yoni eggs in boiling water on a burner unattended. Also please note that your yoni eggs will be conductors of heat. Please use caution and do not immediately touch your eggs after they come directly out of the water. 

*Please note, because yoni eggs are all natural products the colors and patterns may vary from the images above. You may notice your yoni egg has small nicks or internal cracks, this is normal. If you receive a product that has been damaged please email us within 10 days of purchasing along with a photo of the product. 

Medical Precautions: 

Please Note You May Not Be Suitable for a Yoni Egg If:
  • You have had pelvic surgery in the last three months
  • You have a myoma (uterine fibroid)
  • Your vulva, vagina, or bladder is inflamed or infected
  • You are more than three months pregnant
  • If you have recently given birth, wait at least six weeks after giving birth before you start your practice.
  • If you are currently using an IUD as a birth control method as the yoni egg may potentially dislodge your device
If you are in doubt about whether you should start practicing with a yoni egg, please consult a medical health professional.

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I recommend this product

Yoni Egg

I recently purchased the rose quartz I drilled yoni eggs, the group of 3. I am just beginning to use them. I really like the undrilled and I am very pleased to have them. They are pretty and will be super helpful in gaining strength in my pelvic floor. I have only used them a few times, but need to begin using them daily! Thanks for a great product!!

Sally D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Love these!

I'm loving my beautiful rose quartz yoni eggs! I went with undrilled and they came in a cute little pouch. Thank you!

Jesse O.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Beautiful addition to my self care regimen

I am loving these eggs. I’m abstaining for marriage, so I haven’t had much going on, but I know you need to work your muscles to avoid collapse, etc... I find these to be a wonderful, enjoyable & empowering way to strengthen & maintain my vaginal health.

Katie R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Beautiful Yoni Eggs

I absolutely love them.

Lorena M.
United States United States
I recommend this product


I was a little skeptical about this but I've heard so many good things and sooo many reviews had so many positive things...when I got my eggs I did the boiling water thing and when I say I've only used the bigger one 4x and have already had amazing results, my boyfriend said to throw them away! chance sir! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT

United States United States