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We take close up photos of our yoni eggs to show their beautiful details, but this may make you think the yoni eggs are bigger and more intimidating then they truly are (roughly 1 inch long by 2 inches around), so lay back, relax and insert your yoni egg!

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While you may just be hearing about Yoni Eggs for the first time, the yoni egg, commonly referred to as the jade egg, is an ancient Chinese practice dating back over 2,000 years. A Yoni Egg is a small weighted crystal egg, they vary in weights and size. The practice of using a Yoni Egg is done by inserting the egg into your vagina, you then flex your kegal muscles to do 'reps', its like weight lifting but for your vagina, kinda cool right? There are both physical benefits to this practice including: Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles Help strengthen the vaginal muscles...

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