How To Remove Your Yoni Egg

After you are done using your yoni egg, it is now time to remove your egg. This is a simple process.

For Drilled Yoni Eggs: If you have a drilled yoni egg with a string simply relax, get into a squatting position and tug on the string. Think of this as the same process for removing a tampon (if you have ever used one before you know what we are talking about) Your egg will glide out slowly and smoothly. 

For Undrilled Yoni Eggs: If you are using an undrilled yoni egg you will not have a string to tug on. To remove your egg get into a deep squatting position and push out with your vaginal muscles. If needed you may have to insert your finger to help scoop your yoni egg out. DO NOT PANIC, your yoni egg will not get stuck inside of you, you just have to relax and help ease your egg out. Think of this as the same process for removing a birth control ring. Undrilled eggs will require a lot more interaction with your body, if you are feeling a little squeamish or just starting out on our yoni egg journey we may suggest drilled yoni eggs to start. 

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