Healing Crystals And Anxiety

The Best Crystals To Calm Anxiety

Anxiety and panic disorders are on the rise and these mental health disorders are very distressing to the sufferers. Everyone has anxiety over stressful situations, however, when it takes over your life, that is when it becomes a serious problem. Talk therapy and medication are how anxiety and panic disorders are treated. However, crystal therapy plays a significant role as well because these precious stones have powerful healing elements. Let's go over right now the best crystals that can help with calming anxiety right now: 

Rose Quartz - This stone comes handy for those who are struggling with self-love which also brings a lot of anxiety. Additionally, when anyone is very stressed, oftentimes it is a result of the lack of proper self-care. The Rose Quartz is there to help you find your own personal power, it promotes self-love and emotional balance. When you carve away your much-needed me-time, be sure to meditate while holding this stone so you can find the power within you that you have had all along which will help reduce anxiety.

Sodalite - This lovely blue stone is also called the Stone of Peace, and it contains properties that will help with calming the mind because the energy it gives off is extremely comforting. In fact, you will want to either carry it in your purse or have it as a necklace or bracelet charm so it is in contact with you at all times. Additionally, this stone is also known to help you with self-confidence and self-expression so you can have your needs and wants to be heard which will also help calm anxiety.

Moonstone - This stone is geared for stressed out and anxious mothers, however, anyone can benefit from the energies that the moonstone crystal gives off. The properties this gem has is meant to help relieve stress and balance hormones. This is why women as well that are trying to get pregnant are told to make the best use of this stone as it helps them with staying calm during the journey as they attempt to conceive. And, pregnant women are recommended as well to carry this stone around as it can help calm pregnancy-related anxiety. 

Howlite - Anxiety causes your mind to be overactive and that can cause additional problems such as insomnia. That is why the Howlite is the best stone to utilize if you are suffering from insomnia that is a result of an overactive mind. Tuck a Howlite crystal underneath your pillow or place it by your nightstand next to your bed and it will help you sleep well so you will wake up refreshed each morning.

These crystals are known to help aid you while you are suffering from anxiety and panic disorders in general. And be sure to keep the crystals clean by placing them in a bowl of salt overnight. However, even though crystals have powerful energies to help calm anxiety, it is not meant to replace the medical treatment for anxiety by a licensed health professional, but utilizing crystals while going through treatment will strengthen your healing.