Creating A Yoni Egg Alter

Creating a crystal altar for your Yoni Eggs will allow you to focus all your intentions for the use of your Yoni Eggs in one sacred, powerful place. When you purposefully use a special place to hold your crystal Yoni eggs that you can visit each day it allows your mind a point of focus for the special items in that space. This space would be called your Yoni Egg altar.

To create a Yoni Egg altar, it is important to always use items that hold a special place in your heart. To begin creating the altar choose an item to hold your crystals (Yoni Eggs) such as a shelf, or even a special bowl to set on a table or dresser. It is very important that when you are choosing items to use on the alter that you are thoughtful and not rushed. Take your time and pour your positive energy into this space. You can change and re-arrange, add and subtract items from your altar as you feel necessary. Here is an example of how I created my crystal Yoni Egg alter.

First, I chose a space for my Yoni Egg alter. I had the perfect open space on an empty bookshelf that I often would glance over at in my bedroom and I knew that this was the perfect space for me. I used a sage bundle to cleanse my alter space. As I cleansed the bookshelf space, I set the intentions that I had for this space. I though about the Yoni Egg and what it meant for me. Femininity, power, embracing my own beauty, feeling comfortable in my own skin and putting myself first.

Next, I waited for a full moon to arrive. Once it was the evening of a full moon, I began my normal full moon ritual of meditation and charging of my crystal Yoni Eggs. I began picking up each Yoni Egg and holding it in my hands to feel its power and understand what it meant to me, I cleansed the egg using my favorite sage smudge and then set it down on the altar. I spent some time meditating with my Crystals and then I chose how I would like to display my Yoni Eggs on my altar. 

My next step to the process was to start to put together my altar. I chose to use a wooden bowl filled with some sand. Each day over the course of a few days as I found myself with a moment to be alone and meditate, I added a few items to my altar with each visit. I set each Yoni Egg in a circle in the sand of my wooden bowl lining the outside of the bowl and I set one Yoni egg in the center. This Yoni egg was particularly special to me at the time because it was made of rose quartz and I absolutely was at a point in my life where I had been meditating about self-love and focusing on my personal relationship with myself. Rose quartz was one stone that centered me and helped me through that time. From there on out as I went through different phases in my personal life, I would choose a different Yoni egg to place in the center of the bowl when I needed the focus of my meditations to be with those energies and vibrations.

Next to my wooden bowl I placed my sage stick and a few crystal towers that I have and my incense holder with a fresh stick of my favorite sweet-scented incense ready to go.

This was MY special place to go anytime I needed a refresh and a moment to myself from there on out. I have continued to add to my space and move and change things on my altar as the ebb and flow of my life moved and changed as well. Today this is one of my favorite places to be.

Creating my Yoni Egg alter allows me to show creativity, decorate my space, lend focus and set a special place to focus on my intentions. All of this helped me to heighten my experience of meditation and that truly benefited the relationship that I have with my Yoni Eggs.