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The Truth about Menstrual Cups and Toxic Shock Syndrome Since the 1980s, public awareness has grown about the connection between period care products and something called Toxic Shock Syndrome. Nasty name, nastier condition. Cases of the life-threatening condition have been directly linked to tampon use, motivating many women to switch to a tampon alternative like menstrual cups. Using a menstrual cup instead of tampons drastically reduces your risk of TSS, although there has been one documented case of TSS associated with menstrual cup use (NOT OUR BRAND). Here are the facts. What Is Toxic Shock Syndrome? It’s a condition that...

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The average woman spends nearly $5,000 on period products over the course of her lifetime. Read why the menstrual cup can save you thousands.

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Menstrual cups are a simple, cost-effective alternative to tampons and pads. So what exactly are they? Get the skinny here on the JGWYF blog.

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